You can use various features to perform maintenance, troubleshoot potential issues, and optimize your work with vRealize Operations Manager.

Cluster management lets you view and change the online or offline state of the overall vRealize Operations Manager cluster or the individual nodes, enable or disable high availability (HA), and view statistics related to the adapters that are installed on the nodes. For better performance, you can rebalance adapter, disk, memory, or network load across cluster nodes.

When troubleshooting vRealize Operations Manager, you can open and review vRealize Operations Manager log files that are categorized by cluster node and functional area or log type. You can create support bundles to gather log and configuration files from cluster nodes for analysis.

You can add maintenance schedules or manually put objects in maintenance mode to prevent vRealize Operations Manager from showing misleading data from objects that are offline or in other unusual states because of maintenance. To capture the most recent data for a particular metric, you can recalculate its dynamic threshold, outside of the regular refresh schedule.

To activate vRealize Operations Manager monitoring , you add licenses. License keys activate the solution or product and are available in varying levels. You can create license groups in order to gather objects for data collection under a particular license key.