Use the View Applications dashboard to view the status and performance of application pools and their associated farms, RDS hosts, application sessions, applications, and Horizon clients. The View Applications dashboard is specific to Horizon with View 6.0.x and later environments.

The Application Infrastructure widget shows the relationships between the objects in each infrastructure tier and is the master widget for the View Application Topology dashboard. Each object is represented by a badge. When you select a badge in the Application Infrastructure widget, the other widgets on the dashboard show data for that object.

In the Application Infrastructure widget, you can view objects according to health, workload and number of anomalies or faults. To change the view, click a badge in the upper left corner of the widget. For example, to show the current workload for the objects in your application infrastructure, click the Workload badge. Point to a badge to see detailed information about the associated object.

When you click a badge in the Application Infrastructure widget, the widget highlights related objects and status information for those objects appears in the Related Objects widget. Each icon in the Related Objects widget represents a specific object. If an object or any of its related objects has an active alert, a red triangle appears next to the icon.

Use the Object Metrics widget to view the metrics collected for an object that you select. This information can help you identify metrics that are outside their normal ranges.

For most objects, the Object Metrics widget displays a preconfigured list of metrics that are specific to the object type. For objects that do not have preconfigured lists of metrics, the Object Metrics widget shows metrics that might be important to the selected object or that are outside of their expected range, above or below a certain threshold, or marked as KPIs.

Use the Object Alerts widget to view open alerts associated with the object you selected in the Related Objects widget. You can double-click an alert to view information about its possible cause and its effect on your environment.