Use the View Infrastructure dashboard to quickly assess the underlying vSphere and View infrastructure that supports your View environment.

View Infrastructure Hosts, View VDI Desktop VMs, View Datastores, View RDS Hosts, and View TS Hosts are Heat Map widgets. These widgets show information about the health, workload, and connectivity of infrastructure hosts, remote desktops, datastores, RDS (Microsoft Remote Desktop Services) hosts, and Terminal Services hosts in your View environment.

You can select an object in any widget and click the Dashboard Navigation button on the widget toolbar to navigate to vSphere dashboards. You can double-click an object to navigate to the object Summary tab in vRealize Operations Manager.


RDS hosts are specific to Horizon with View 6.0.x and VMware Horizon 6 version 6.1 environments. Terminal Services hosts are specific to Horizon View 5.x and earlier environments.

The colored rectangles in each widget represent particular objects. For example, in the View VDI Desktop VMs widget, each rectangle represents a particular virtual machine. You can point to a rectangle to view basic information about its associated object.

The size of the rectangle indicates the value of one metric, the color of the rectangle indicates the value of another metric, and the widget configuration determines which metric values the widget shows. For example, if you select Sized by Workload - Colored by Health from the Configuration drop-down menu, rectangles are sized according to the value of the workload attribute and are colored according to the value of the health attribute. Red indicates a low value and green indicates the high end of the value range.