After you install the vRealize Operations for Horizon solution, you must create an instance of the View adapter in vRealize Operations Manager.

You can create a single View adapter instance to monitor multiple View pods. If you need to create multiple View adapter instances, you must create each adapter instance on a unique cluster node or remote collector.


Creating more than one View adapter instance per cluster node or remote collector is not supported.

Install the vRealize Operations for Horizon solution and add your license key.


Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager user interface with admin privileges.


Click the Administration tab and click Solutions.


Select VMware Horizon and click the Configure button on the toolbar.


Select View Adapter in the Adapter Type pane.


Click the Add (plus sign) icon on the lower pane toolbar to add an adapter instance.


In Adapter Settings, type a name and description for the adapter instance.


In Basic Settings, configure an adapter ID and credential for the adapter instance.


Type an identifier for the adapter instance in the Adapter ID text box.

The identifier must be unique across all View adapter instances in the cluster.


Configure the credential to use when the broker agent pairs with the View adapter instance.



Use an existing credential

Select the credential from the Credential drop-down menu. When you create a View adapter instance for the first time, the Credential drop-down menu is empty.

Add a new credential


Click the Add New (plus sign) icon .


Type a name for the credential in the Credential name text box.


Type a server key for the adapter instance in the Server Key text box.. The server key is required to enable pairing between the broker agent and the adapter. You must provide the server key when you configure the broker agent.


Click OK to save the new credential.


Select the new credential from the Credential drop-down menu


Click Test Connection to test the connection with the credential that you selected.


In Advanced Settings, select a collector to manage the adapter processes from the Collector drop-down menu.

To run the adapter instance on a remote collector, select the remote collector. If you do not have a remote collector, select Automatically select collector.


Click Save Settings to save the adapter instance.

The adapter instance is added to the list.

Install the vRealize Operations for Horizon broker agent. See Install the vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent.