The View adapter runs on a cluster node or remote collector node in vRealize Operations Manager. You can create a single View adapter instance to monitor multiple View pods. During broker agent configuration, you pair the broker agent with a View adapter instance.

If you are monitoring multiple View pods, you can pair the broker agent installed in each pod with the same View adapter instance as long as the total number of desktops that the View adapter instance handles does not exceed 10,000. If you need to create multiple View adapter instances, you must create each adapter instance on a unique cluster node or remote collector.


Creating more than one View adapter instance per cluster node or remote collector is not supported.

The View adapter obtains View inventory information from the broker agent and collects metrics and performance data from desktop agents. The View adapter passes this data to vRealize Operations Manager for analysis and visualization where it appears preconfigured View dashboards in the vRealize Operations Manager user interface.

If your View environment resembles one of the following configurations, VMware recommends that you create the View adapter instance on a remote collector node.

Large-scale View installation with more than 5,000 desktops

To improve scalability, create the View adapter instance on a remote collector node to offload processing from the vRealize Operations Manager cluster data nodes.

Remote datacenters

To minimize network traffic across WAN or other slow connections, install a remote collector node with a separate View adapter instance in remote datacenters. Pair each View adapter instance with the broker agent that is located in the same remote datacenter.