For better performance you can rebalance adapter, disk, memory, or network load across the vRealize Operations Manager cluster nodes.


Click Administration.


Select Cluster Management.


From the Actions drop-down menu, select Rebalance Cluster.


Select the loads that you want to rebalance, and click OK.



Rebalance Adapter Instances

Rebalance all adapter instances across nodes if you have poor collection or cluster performance. This option causes vRealize Operations Manager to miss a few collection cycles.

Rebalance Disk

Repartition all data on disk to equally distribute the disk load. This is a disruptive operation that might take hours, but it balances the system and improves performance. Use this option if you have added new nodes but not deployed any new adapter Instances.

Rebalance Gemfire

Repartition Gemfire data in memory to equally distribute the memory and network load.