The Compliance badge value is based on the results of compliance alerts that run against the collected data in vRealize Operations Manager. You use the alert-based compliance to ensure that objects in your environment are meeting the defined standards.

The compliance alerts are configured with the compliance subtype and include one or more symptoms that represent the rules. When a compliance alert is generated, it appears on the Compliance tab as a violated standard and the triggered symptoms appear as violated rules. The rules are alert symptoms configured to identify the undesirable value or configuration. If a rule symptom is triggered for any of the standards alerts, the standard is violated and affects the badge score on the Compliance tab.

The badge value is a stepped score based on the criticality of the triggered symptoms for different object types. The badge displays one of the following values:

100 if there are no triggered standards. The badge color is green.

75 if the most critical triggered standard is Warning. The badge color is yellow.

25 if the most critical triggered standard is Immediate. The badge color is orange.

0 if the most critical triggered standard is Critical. The badge color is red.

You must customize a policy to enable alert-based compliance. If the compliance alerts are not enabled, the Compliance badge value is 100 and it is green, and there are no standards in the standards list.