The migrated vRealize Operations Manager email plug-in requires server authentication, and you must verify the email server certificate before the migrated plug-in will work.

A migration imports the version 5.x filter email plug-in on the source to the standard email plug-in on the target. For security, the target version of vRealize Operations Manager requires server authentication for the standard email plug-in. Part of enabling server authentication requires that you verify the email server certificate after performing a migration.

Perform a migration of a version 5.x source to this version of vRealize Operations Manager.


Log in to the migration target using the admin account.


On the left, click Administration.


On the left, click Outbound Alert Settings.


On the right, select the Standard Email Plug-in.


From the toolbar, click the edit button.

A window appears, showing the details for your SMTP server.


If a username and password are configured for the SMTP server, re-enter the password.


Click Test.

A window appears, showing the details for the email server certificate.


Click Yes.

vRealize Operations Manager imports the certificate to its trust store, which enables authenticated connections to the email server.