The report template contains views that present collected information for an object. The views can be from any type and ordered as your needs.

To add a view to a report template, select Content > Reports in the left pane. On the Report Templates toolbar, click the plus sign to add a template or the pencil to edit the selected template. In the workspace, on the left, click Views. If you create a new template, complete the required previous steps.

Views Options in the Report Template Workspace



Create View

Create a view directly from the template workspace.

Edit View

Edit a view directly from the template workspace.


Search for a view by name. To see the full list of views, delete the search box content and press enter from the keyboard.

List of views

List of the views that you can add to the template.

Preview of views

In the main panel you see a preview of the views that you add.

When you create a template in the context of object from the Environment, you see a live preview of the view.

Reorder views

You can drag the views to reorder them.