The Projects tab is where you create projects, access existing projects, and view the project visualization chart. This page contains the visualization pane and a tabular list of projects.

You can create projects and add scenarios for vCenter Server instances, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, and datastores on the Projects tab.

When you use the projects list to add to or remove projects from the visualization pane, you can see the cumulative effect of those projects on the chosen object in the object context. You can click other objects in the object context to see how those projects might affect them . You can choose to commit one or more projects, or perform other actions on them. For example, you can delete, edit, and change the status of a project.

Project and Scenario View Options



Visualization Pane

The list of projects is filtered by the object that you select from the inventory. All projects that are listed are directly associated with the inventory object. Use the projects list toolbar to create a new project or act on a project, such as edit or delete an existing project. From the list of projects, you can click a column heading to sort each of the columns in the table or filter the list. You can click an icon for each project row in the table to add that project to the visualization pane. You can also drag a project to view its effect in the visualization chart.

In both views, vRealize Operations Manager assigns names to each project, such as 1a and 2a projects in the visualization chart. The tool tip for a project is displayed in the chart and shows the project's name and description.

Combine projects in this visualization. Combines projects in one graph.

Compare projects in this visualization. Shows each project in a separate smaller graph.

Capacity Container

The list of containers can change depending on which object is selected.

Most Constrained


Use the toolbar selection to act on a project.

Add New Project. Create a new project.

Edit Selected Project. Change the configuration of an existing project.

Delete Selected Project. Remove a project from the list.

Change Status. Change the status to Planned or Committed.

Projects List

The project list is filtered by the object chosen in the object context. All projects that are listed are either directly associated with the chosen object or its children. You can filter this list by status or by text search. You can add the project in each Project row in the table to the visualization pane. You can sort the list by each of the following columns in the table.

Implementation Date. The date the project was implemented.

Project Name. The meaningful name given to the project.

Status. The status of planned or committed.

Created For. The inventory object for which the project is created.

Description. The meaningful description of the project.

Created By. The vRealize Operations Manager user who created the project.

Last Modified By. The vRealize Operations Manager who last modified the project.

Add Project to the Chart. Click the Add icon to add the project to the visualization chart.