You can assign an imported user account to one or more user groups, assign roles to the imported user account, and associate the imported user account with objects in the vRealize Operations Manager environment that users are allowed to access.

To assign groups, roles, and objects to an imported user account, select Administration and click Access Control. On the User Accounts toolbar, click the gear icon, and assign groups, roles, and objects to the imported user in the Import Users workspace.

Access Control Import Users Workspace - Assign Groups, Roles, and Objects Page

Assign Groups Roles, and Objects Options



Select or deselect the groups associated with the user account. To select or deselect all accounts, click the Group Name check box. You cannot add user accounts to groups imported from LDAP.


Select or deselect the roles associated with the user account so that the user can perform actions and make changes. To select or deselect all roles, click the Role Name check box.

Object View

Displays the selected object type. To select another object type, click the down arrow. When you select a check box on an object in a view, you have access to all of the children of the object in that view.

For example, expand a vCenter Server instance and select one or more objects, such as data centers and clusters.


Select the objects that the user can access.

Allow access to all objects in the system

To allow the user account to access all objects in the vCenter Server inventory of the vRealize Operations Manager instance, click this check box. For example, click the check box to allow a user, such as an administrator, to access all objects.