The vRealize Operations Manager Anomalies badge score represents how abnormal the behavior of the object is, based on its historical metrics data. vRealize Operations Manager indicates Anomalies by a colored icon that is based on the defined badge score thresholds.

When evaluating badge scores, a high number of anomalies might indicate a potential issue. A low Anomalies score indicates that an object is behaving in accordance with its established historical parameters. Most or all of the object metrics, especially its KPIs, are within their thresholds. Because changes in behavior often indicate developing problems, if the metrics of an object go outside the calculated thresholds, the anomalies score for the object grows. As more metrics breach the thresholds, anomalies continue to increase.

Violations by KPI metrics increase the Anomalies score more than violations by non-KPI metrics. A high number of anomalies usually indicates a problem or at least a situation that requires your attention.

Anomalies involves the number of statistics that fall outside of the expected behavior trends while Workload involves an absolute measurement of how hard an object works for resources. Both Anomalies and Workload are useful when attempting to find a probable cause and troubleshooting performance problems.

The Anomalies score ranges between 0 (good) and 100 (bad). The badge score thresholds can by modified by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

See Managing and Administering Policies for vRealize Operations Manager to configure symptom thresholds for the Anomalies badge score.

Object Anomalies States

Badge Icon


User Action

Icon for normal score of Anomalies.

The Anomalies score is normal.

No attention required.

Icon for medium level of Anomalies.

The Anomalies score exceeds the normal range.

Check the details and take appropriate action.

Icon for partially high level of anomalies.

The Anomalies score is very high.

Check the details and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Icon for excessive level of anomalies.

Most of the metrics are beyond their thresholds. This object might not be working properly or might stop working soon.

Act immediately to avoid or correct problems.

Icon for unknown level of anomalies.

The object is offline or no data is available.