vRealize Operations Manager has a list of predefined dashboard templates. You can add the template to your dashboard to monitor your environment.

To add a template to your dashboard, select Content > Dashboards in the left pane. On the Dashboards toolbar, click the plus sign to add a dashboard or the pencil to edit the selected dashboard. In the workspace, on the left, click Template List. If you create a new dashboard, complete the required previous steps. If you edit a dashboard, you must remove the existing widgets before you add a template.

In the left you see a list with all predefined vRealize Operations Manager dashboard templates. Drag the template to add to the dashboard to the content area on the right.

The widgets in the template are configured. You can still change widgets settings to accommodate your needs. For more information about how to configure each widget, see Using vRealize Operations Manager Widgets.

The widget interactions in the template are configured. You can change the interaction to accommodate your needs by clicking Widget Interactions.