You can create another Project for the same cluster. Create scenarios to add virtual machines and hosts.

In this project, you create another planned project for the same cluster. The visualization shows the effect if you add a new virtual machine and hosts to the cluster.

vRealize Operations Manager, verify that the Projects tab is open.


Select the target host in the inventory panel.

The target host is where you simulate changes to the environment to examine possible outcomes.


Click the Project tab and click the Add New Project icon.


On the Projects workspace, enter the name and a description of the project.

For example, New VMs and Hosts.


Select the Planned status.


Click Scenarios to add scenarios to this project.


Select the Add Demand: Add Virtual Machine scenario and drag it to the Scenarios pane.


In the Configuration pane, add ten virtual machines with 43 GB of memory and 2 CPU cores.


Select the Add Capacity: Add Host System scenario and drag it to the Scenarios pane.


Add two ESX hosts with 8 GB of memory and 4 CPU cores.


Click Save to add the scenario to the project.


Click Close to close the Project Workspace.

vRealize Operations Manager applies the scenarios to the project.

Now, you can visualize the effect of two capacity planning project using the visualization chart. User Scenario: Visualize the Effect of Two Capacity Planning Projects.