The Stress score indicates the historic workload of the selected object. While the Workload score shows a snapshot of the current resource usage, the Stress score analyses the resource usage data for a longer period.

The Stress score is calculated as a ratio between the demand for resources and the usable capacity for a certain period.

The Stress score helps you identify hosts and virtual machines that do not have enough resources allocated, or hosts that are running too many virtual machines. A high Stress score does not imply a current performance problem, but highlights potential for future performance problems.

The Stress score ranges between 0 (good) and 100 (bad). The badge score thresholds can by modified by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

See Managing and Administering Policies for vRealize Operations Manager to configure symptom thresholds for the Stress badge score.

Stress States

Badge Icon


User Action

Icon for normal levels of stress.

The Stress score is normal.

No attention required.

Icon for abnormal level of stress.

Some of the object resources are not enough to meet the demands.

Check the details and take appropriate action.

Icon for relatively high stress levels.

The object is experiencing regular resource shortage.

Check the details and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Icon for extremely high stress levels.

Most of the resources on the object are constantly insufficient. The object might stop functioning properly.

Act immediately to avoid or correct problems.

Icon for unknown stress levels.

The object is offline or no data is available for the Stress score.