The object symptoms are all the symptoms triggered for the object. You use the symptom list to evaluate the triggered symptoms that generated this and other alerts, and when each one was triggered.

All triggered symptoms included in this alert and included in other generated alerts appear in this list. You can review the symptom information and click on the object on which it was triggered to see more analytic information about the object.

In the left pane, click the Alerts icon. On the Alerts, Health Alerts, Risk Alerts, or Efficiency Alerts lists, click the alert name in the data grid, and click the Symptoms tab.

Alert Details Impacted Object Symptoms Options




Criticality is the level of importance of the alert in your environment. The alert criticality appears in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the criticality icon.

The level is based on the level assigned when the alert definition was created, or on the highest symptom criticality, if the assigned level was Symptom Based.


Name of the triggered symptom.

Triggered On

Name of the object on which the symptom was triggered.

Click the object name to view the object details tabs where you can begin to investigate any additional problems with the object.

Created On

Date and time when the symptom was triggered.

Canceled On

Date and time when the symptom was triggered.


Information about the triggering condition for the symptom, including the trend and current value.