Usable capacity is a measurement of the percentage of capacity available, minus the capacity affected when you use high availability, and you set capacity buffer amounts on the memory, CPU, network, datastore, and disk space buffers. If you set overcommit values, the usable capacity measurement adds the capacity to the amount of usable capacity available. You can turn on and configure the settings for the Usable Capacity element for the object types in your policy so that you can override the settings and have vRealize Operations Manager report on the metrics and calculate the analytics for the capacity available for the object type group.

The Usable Capacity element determines how vRealize Operations Manager reports on the available capacity for the specific object type group. The capacity buffer is a percentage of physical capacity that is held in reserve to prevent an object from consuming all of its resources.

You can modify the usable capacity settings to use high availability so that vRealize Operations Manager provides enough objects and resources to address throughput and any potential loss of data. You can also modify the calculation type and the buffer rules.

To view and override the policy Usable Capacity analysis setting, click Administration, click Policies, click the Policy Library tab, and click the plus sign to add a policy or click the pencil to edit a policy. In the Add or Edit Monitoring policy workspace, click Override Analysis Settings, and select one or more objects in the left pane. The usable capacity settings for the object types that you selected appear in the right pane.

View the Usable Capacity policy element, and configure the settings for your policy.

If you do not configure this policy element, the new or updated policy inherits the settings from the policy that you select to override in the Select Base Policies area of the policies workspace.

Policy Usable Capacity Element Settings in the Add or Edit Monitoring Policy Workspace



Overrides button

Enables you to override the policy element settings so that you can customize the policy to monitor the objects in your environment.

High Availability

Have vRealize Operations Manager report on the capacity available to the object type group.

You can have vRealize Operations Manager take into consideration the High Availability (HA) settings.

Capacity Calculation

vRealize Operations Manager can report on either the current status or trend. You can select either the current value or a trend of values as the basis for the capacity analysis.

Usable Capacity settings for resource containers

Displays the selected resource containers and resources to include in the analysis, overcommit types and values for resources such as memory and CPU, and the capacity buffer percentage for each resource container.

Overcommit. Displays the over commitment type, such as memory or CPU.

Value. Displays the amount of over commitment on capacity resources.

Capacity Buffer %. Defines the percentage of capacity reserved on virtual machines so that the virtual machine does not consume all of its resources. The capacity buffers are defined on Cluster objects and Host objects to reserve some resources for failover.