The vice president of sales telephones the help desk reporting that her virtual machine, VPSALES4632, is running slow. She is working on sales reports for an upcoming meeting and is running behind schedule because of the slow performance of her virtual machine.

As a network operations engineer, you were just reviewing the morning alerts and did not see any problems with her virtual machine, so you begin troubleshooting the problem.


As a network operations engineer, you must locate the customer's virtual machine in vRealize Operations Manager so that you can begin troubleshooting the reported problem.


To determine if the virtual machine about which the vice president of sales reported problems has alerts that indicate the cause of the problem, you review the alerts in vRealize Operations Manager for the object.


To troubleshoot problems with the VPSALES4632 virtual machine, you evaluate the symptoms, examine time line information, consider events, and create metric charts to find the root cause of the problem.