Solution credentials are commonly configured when you add an adapter. If you need to change the configured credential to accommodate changes in your environment, you can edit settings, for example, name, user name and password, or pass code and key phrase, without being required to configure a new adapter instance for the target system.

The example used in this procedure changes the user name and password for the credentials used to connect to one of your vCenter Server instances. You are making this change because you added a user account in vCenter Server that has greater privileges than you originally configured and you want to update the account.


Any adapter credentials you add are shared with other adapter administrators and vRealize Operations Manager collector hosts. Other administrators might use these credentials to configure a new adapter instance or to move an adapter instance to a new host.

Verify that at least one solution adapter is configured to communicate with a target system in your environment. For example, see Configure a VMware vSphere Solution in vRealize Operations Manager.

Ensure that you have the new vCenter Server user name and password to which you are changing an existing credential configuration.


In the left pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Administration icon.


Click Credentials.


In the list, select the credentials for the adapter to modify and click the pencil on the toolbar.

For this example, select the target VMWARE adapter instance and click the pencil.


In the Manage Credential dialog box, modify the credential name, user name, and password to use the new user account, and click OK.

The adapter instance is now connected using the new credentials.

After a collection cycle, which occurs every five minutes, verify that the adapter is still collecting data. If the adapter collection fails, a health alert is generated for the object.