Reclaimable capacity is the amount of provisioned capacity that be reclaimed without causing stress or performance degradation. Reclaimable Capacity is calculated for each resource type like CPU, memory, and disk, for each object in the environment. It identifies the amount of resources that can be reclaimed and provisioned to other objects in your environment.

For groups, Reclaimable Capacity is the amount of disk space that can be reclaimed from the virtual machines in the group that are considered waste, based on the policy settings for the powered off and idle state. If the virtual machine is idle, all its resources are considered reclaimable. If a group does not contain any virtual machines, but contains datastores, the value for Reclaimable Waste is 0, even if the datastore contains virtual machines that are wasting resources based on the Powered off and idle VMs settings.

For more information about Reclaimable Capacity as it pertains to policy settings, see Policy Reclaimable Capacity Element.