You can use vRealize Operations Manager to resolve problems that your customers raise, respond to alerts that identify problems before your customers report problems, and generally monitor your environment for problems.

When your customers experience performance problems and call you to resolve the problem, the data that vRealize Operations Manager collects and analyzes is presented to you in graphical forms so that you can compare and contrast objects, understand the relationship between objects, and determine the root cause of problems.

To manage your environment as a proactive rather than reactive administrator, you monitor and respond to alerts. A generated alert notifies you when objects in your environment are experiencing problems. If you resolve the problem based on the alert before your customers notice, then you avoid service interruptions.

You can investigate the problems that generate alerts or that result in calls by using the Analysis, Troubleshooting, Details, and Environment tabs.

If you find the root cause of the problem, you might be able to resolve the problem by running an action. The actions make changes to objects in the target system, for example, vCenter Server, from vRealize Operations Manager.