The vRealize Operations Manager Workload analysis badge measures how hard an object must work for resources. vRealize Operations Manager indicates the workload by a colored icon that is based on the defined badge score thresholds.

The Workload score ranges from 0 (good) to over 100 (bad). The badge score thresholds can by modified by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

See Managing and Administering Policies for vRealize Operations Manager to configure symptom thresholds for the Workload badge score.

Object Workload States

Badge Icon


User Action

Workload on the object is not excessive.

No attention required.

Object is experiencing some high-resource workloads.

Check the details and take appropriate action.

Workload on the object is approaching its capacity in at least one area.

Check the details and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Workload on the object is at or over its capacity in one or more areas.

Act immediately to avoid or correct problems.

The object is offline or no data is available.