The information shown in the Anomalies tab are the anomalies reported when metric values fall outside their normal range. The Anomalies score is the percentage of all metrics that have abnormal behavior.

The Anomalies badge score represents how abnormal the behavior of the object is, based on its historical metrics data. Use the Anomalies value as an investigative tool when you are researching abnormal behavior or evaluating the general state of objects in your environment.

To view the Anomalies badge, click Environment in the left pane and select the object, click the Analysis tab, and click the Anomalies tab.

Anomalies Badge vRealize Operations Manager



Badge status

Anomalies status for the object based on the anomalies policy.

Anomalies Trend

How the badge value for the object has trended over time.

This trend view allows you to see behavior over time and to identify when a change in a badge value indicates a change on the object.

The trend data time value is based on the Data Range setting, which is defined in the Time analysis settings for the policy that is associated with the object.

Anomalies Breakdown

Breakdown of the compliance standards by alert.

To see the violated standards, click the row in the standard table. To limit the standards list, use the following buttons.

Violated Standards. Displays only the standards alerts where at least on symptom is triggered.

All Standards. Displays all the standards alerts.

Anomalies in Related Objects

Anomalies of the related objects.

Use the related objects to determine if any problems are affecting only the current object or are related objects experiencing problems.

Object Resources

Configured resources for the object.