As a virtual infrastructure administrator, you use vRealize Operations Manager to manage the objects in your vCenter Server, including virtual machines that are used to run your company's customer payment system and are required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry DSS standards for virtual machines. You receive an alert that compliance is critically low on several of your transaction servers, and you need to identify the problems and fix them.

The Compliance badge is only available when the vRealize Configuration Manager Adapter is added, and only reports compliance for objects that vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Configuration Manager manage. See Configure a vRealize Configuration Manager Solution in vRealize Operations Manager.


Click the alert notification, which takes you to the alert so that you can identify the affected objects.


Working from the alerts list or working directly in the inventory, select the affected object.

You are now working with the object details.


Click the Analysis tab and click the Compliance tab.


In the standards list, locate the Payment Card Industry template and check the compliance level.

Does it require your attention? For example, is the percent compliance less than your triggering percentage.


If the compliance value for the object is below the accepted level, select the template row and select Open in vRealize Configuration Manager in the list toolbar menu.


Copy and paste the URL in an Internet Explorer browser address bar.

This URL takes you to the vRealize Configuration Manager login page where you log in using the vRealize Configuration Manager adapter credentials.


Click Login.

vRealize Configuration Manager opens on the Payment Card Industry template where you can see which rules failed and need your attention.

You identified objects that were out of compliance and you can now go to vRealize Configuration Manager to see which compliance template rules failed so that you can fix them.

Open the compliance template in vRealize Configuration Manager and resolve noncompliant rules. See Resolve Noncompliant Rules for vRealize Configuration Manager Compliance Templates.