You can customize how the Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic calculates workload for specific resource kinds by configuring workload definitions.

You configure workload definitions in the workloaddefinitions.xml file. The workloaddefinitions.xml file is in the conf folder in Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic installation folder.

You can edit the workloaddefinitions.xml file on the conf folder on the vRealize Operations Manager virtual machine.

The workloaddefinitions.xml file has the following format.

<WorkloadDefinition consumer="resourcekind" resultMetric="resultmetric">
    <Capacity metric="capacitymetric"/>
    <Demand metric="demandmetric"/>
</Workload Definition>

After you modify the workloaddefinitions.xml file, you must redescribe Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic instance to apply your changes.

The <WorkloadDefinition> element contains the consumer and resultMetric attributes. The consumer attribute identifies the resource kind for which to calculate workload and the resultMetric attribute specifies the name of the metric in which to store the workload calculation value.

You can optionally specify a metric group in the resultMetric attribute by using the format metric_group | metric, for example:

<WorkloadDefinition consumer="Exchange" resultMetric="Workload | Connection Workload">

In this example, Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic creates a metric group named Workload and a metric named Connection Workload when it posts the workload calculation value.

Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic uses the following formula to calculate workload for the specified resource kind:

(demand/capacity * 100)

You identify the capacity metric in the <Capacity> element and the demand metric in the <Demand> element, for example:

<Capacity metric="Maximum Connections"/>
<Demand metric="Active Connection Count"/>

In this example, the capacity metric is Maximum Connections and the demand metric is Active Connection Count.

If the vRealize Hyperic server is configured to collect the capacity and demand metrics that you specify, Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic calculates workload based on the values of the specified metrics when it receives data from the Management Pack for vRealize Hyperic server.