vRealize Operations Manager provides outbound alert plug-ins. This list includes the name of the plug-in and whether you can filter the outbound data based on your notification settings.

If the plug-in supports configuring notification rules, then you can filter the alerts before they are sent to the target system. If the plug-in does not support notifications, all alerts are sent to the target system, and you can process them in that application.

If you installed other solutions that include other plug-in options, they appear as a plug-in option with the other plug-ins.

Alerts are sent only when the plug-in is enabled.

Notification Support for Outbound Alert Plug-Ins

Outbound Alert Plug-In

Configure Notification Rules

REST Notification Plug-In


SNMP Trap Plug-In


Log File Plug-In


You can configure the TextFilter.xml file to filter the log file alerts.

Standard Email Plug-In


Smart SAM Notification Plug-In