Solutions target a particular kind of monitoring or analysis of your environment by adding dashboards, alerts, reports, and other vRealize Operations Manager components.

Some solutions are delivered with vRealize Operations Manager, others can be added as management packs that extend vRealize Operations Manager capabilities by integrating with external management tools.

Solutions that are delivered as management packs include dashboards, reports, alerts and other content, and adapters. Adapters are how vRealize Operations Manager manages communication and integration with other products, applications, and functions. When a solution management pack is installed and the solution adapters are configured, you can use the vRealize Operations Manager analytics and alerting tools to manage the objects in your environment.

The most common solution is the VMware vSphere solution. This solution manages the connection between vRealize Operations Manager and your vCenter Server instances, and provides the ability to run actions on those instances. This solution is installed with vRealize Operations Manager and does not require you to install a management pack.