After migration, a migrated adapter instance usually cannot start collecting when the data source connection requires TLS/SSL authentication. Authentication certificates are not migrated, so you must confirm certificates at the vRealize Operations Manager target for collections to start.

Certificate confirmation is needed in the following cases:

Migration of a vApp source, any adapter that uses TLS/SSL, except the vCenter Server adapter.

Migration of a Linux or Windows source, any adapter that uses TLS/SSL, including the vCenter Server adapter

Perform a migration of a version 5.x source to this version of vRealize Operations Manager.


On the target, navigate to Administration > Solutions.


Select the adapter, and click the Configure button in the upper toolbar.


Select adapter instances where collections fail, and click Test Connection.


Confirm the certificate.


Click Save Settings.


Back on the Solutions page, for adapter instances where collection failed, click the toolbar buttons to stop and then restart collections.