You create a vRealize Operations Manager support bundle to gather log and configuration files for analysis when troubleshooting a vRealize Operations Manager issue.

When you create a support bundle, vRealize Operations Manager gathers files from cluster nodes into ZIP files for convenience.


In the left pane, click Administration.


Select Support > Support Bundles.


From the toolbar, click the button to add a support bundle.


Select the option to create a light or full support bundle.


Select the cluster nodes that need to be evaluated for support.

Only logs from the selected nodes are included in the support bundle.


Click OK, and click OK to confirm support bundle creation.

Depending on the size of the logs and number of nodes, it might take time for vRealize Operations Manager to create the support bundle.

Use the toolbar to download the support bundle ZIP files for analysis. For security, vRealize Operations Manager prompts you for credentials when you download a support bundle.

You can review the log files for error messages or, if you need troubleshooting assistance, send the diagnostic data to VMware Technical Support. When you resolve or close the issue, use the toolbar to delete the outdated support bundle to save disk space.