As the system administrator for the data center, you must locate the user's virtual machine in the network storage topology so that you can determine if the problem is with the host system or somewhere else in the storage network.

The fastest way to inspect all of the components connected to the virtual machine is to look at the Storage Troubleshooting dashboard. Start by locating the problematic object.


Click the Storage Troubleshooting dashboard.

The dashboard displays badges for all the objects that the Storage Devices adapter discovered in the storage area network.


In the group of virtual machines displayed, point to each badge icon to see the object name.


Identify the virtual machine that the user reported as slow and select the badge.

This action highlights all the objects in the storage area network path from the host system to the storage mount that are associated with the virtual machine.


Review highlighted objects that appear with a red, orange, or yellow condition.


Select an object to inspect problems or alerts reported in the widgets on the right.

Problems such as low throughput do not generate alerts but can affect performance.

You identified storage components associated with the virtual machine that have problems. You can now select one of the components to examine faults, anomalies, and metrics on that object and determine if its problems are the root cause of problems seen on the virtual machine.