You can create a scenario that uses profiles of existing virtual machines as models to simulate adding one or more new virtual machines to a host or a cluster.

To help you make configuration selections for virtual machines, the scenarios workspace contains population information from pre-defined profiles. vRealize Operations Manager calculates virtual machine data by partitioning the range of capacity for CPU, memory, and disk dimensions and creates a profile to use as an existing model.

For information about relevant CPU and memory maximums, see the VMware vSphere documentation.


Select the destination object in the inventory pane.

The destination object is a cluster or host where you locate the new virtual machines if you implement your scenario.


Click the Projects tab and click the Add New Project icon.


In the Projects workspace, enter the name and a description of the project.


Select Planned Status.


Click Scenarios to add scenarios to this project.


Select the add Virtual Machine scenario and drag it to the Scenarios pane.


Select Populate metrics from.


Select existing virtual machines from the list to use as profiles for the new virtual machine.



Copy metric values from a pre-defined profile.

Select a predefined profile list to use as the profile for the new virtual machine.

Copy metric values from an existing object.

Select existing virtual machines from the list to use as profiles for the new virtual machine. The list of the existing virtual machines applies to the datacenter of the selected object. The Datacenter and the Cluster or Host drop-down menus narrow the scope of the virtual machine list.


Click OK.


To duplicate virtual machines, increase the virtual machine count and click Next.


Click Apply to see the effect in the visualization chart when your configuration selections are complete.


Click Save to add the scenario to the project.


Click Close to close the Project Workspace.

vRealize Operations Manager applies the scenario to the view you selected and shows current capacity compared to the expected capacity if you add the virtual machines to the target object.