The Tag Picker widget lists all available object tags.

With the Tag Picker widget you can check the list of the object tags. You can use the widget to filter the information that another widget shows. You can select one or more tags from the object tree and the destination widget displays information about the objects with this tag. For example, you can select Object Types > Virtual Machine on the Tag Picker widget to observe statistic information about the VMs on the Environment Status widget. To configure the widget see Tag Picker Widget Configuration Options.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The Tag Picker widget includes toolbar options.

Tag Picker Widget Toolbar Options



Collapse All

Close all expanded tags and tag values.

Deselect All

Remove all filtering and view all objects in the widget.

Tag Picker

Select an object from your environment.

Dashboard Navigation


Appears on the source widget and when the destination widget is on another dashboard.

Use to explore the information on another dashboard.