Create an object group to organize the Datastore objects in your environment as a single object group.

In this step, you create a new object group to organize your Datastore objects so that you can apply the policy that you create to the object group.


Select Environment, and click Custom Groups.


On the Groups tab, click the plus sign to add a new group, and enter a name for the object group.


From the Group Type drop-down menu, select your new group type.


From the Policy drop-down menu, select the Default Policy for now.

To have vRealize Operations Manager identify new Datastore objects that are added to your environment, you select the Keep group membership up to date check box to make this group dynamic and keep it updated.


In the Define membership criteria pane, select the vCenter Adapter > Datastore object type from the drop-down menu.


Click in the Pick a property text box, and select Disk Space > Template > Virtual Machine used (GB).


In the adjacent text box, click the drop-down arrow and select is less than.


In the Property value text box, type 10.

vRealize Operations Manager uses this criteria to monitor Datastore objects in this group, and to report when the Datastore objects have less than 10 GB of space remaining.


In the Objects to always include pane, select the object group that you created for your Datastore objects, click Add to move the group to the selected pane, and select the object group check box.

In the Objects to always exclude pane, do not select objects to exclude.


Click OK to save your new group.

Create your policy, and select the base policies to use to override the settings for your new policy.