You can migrate local user accounts from multiple instances of earlier versions of vRealize Operations Manager.

When you migrate user accounts, if any local user accounts have the same user name, vRealize Operations Manager renames those accounts to username@<5.x ip address> during the migration.

When you migrate user groups from earlier versions of vRealize Operations Manager, the user groups migrate as roles and user groups. vRealize Operations Manager appends <5.8 ip address> to them.

When you migrate an LDAP import source to vRealize Operations Manager, if the LDAP import source uses SSL/TLS, a system Administrator must edit the migrated LDAP import source and accept the Trust on First Use status for the certificate to ensure that the LDAP authentication is valid.

When you migrate an LDAP import source, the host name changes to Host-Port-BaseDN. A system administrator can change this name after migration.

During migration, if any existing user names for vCenter Server or LDAP are duplicates, those user accounts are not migrated.

During migration, the type assigned to an LDAP import source is determined by the LDAP Username entry used for earlier versions of vRealize Operations Manager. The LDAP import source type appears in Source Type when you add or edit an LDAP import source. After the LDAP import source migration, a system administrator must edit the LDAP import source to select the correct setting for the source type. For example, Active Directory, Open LDAP, or Other.