The Compliance badge value is based on the results of compliance templates that are run in vRealize Configuration Manager and are integrated with vRealize Operations Manager when the vRealize Configuration Manager Adapter is enabled.

The Compliance badge value is a score based on one or more compliance templates that you run in vRealize Configuration Manager against the data collected from vCenter Server, datacenter, cluster, host system, virtual machine objects that are managed by vRealize Operations Manager and by vRealize Configuration Manager. The scores are calculated based on configured vRealize Configuration Manager mapping settings.

A vRealize Configuration Manager compliance template comprises one or more rules that define the configuration standards for different object groups or all your objects. A rule is defined with one or more conditions that are run against objects to determine if the configuration meets the required standards. The success or failure of the conditions determines whether the rule is successful or unsuccessful, and therefore, the level of object compliance. The compliance templates are not run against each object, but are run against the collected configuration data for each object.

The Compliance score reflects the average percentage of the templates included in the mappings. The overall score can range from 0 (completely noncompliant) to 100 (completely compliant). The color of the badge changes based on the badge score thresholds that are set in a policy by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.