You can import user accounts from external sources, such as an LDAP database on another machine, so that you can give permission to those users to access certain features and objects in vRealize Operations Manager.

Although this procedure does not require you to assign user groups and objects, you can import user groups so that you can associate the imported user with one or more groups and objects. In this procedure, you import user accounts from an LDAP user database on another machine, and assign permissions to those accounts.

Configure an LDAP import source. See LDAP Import Sources in vRealize Operations Manager.

Set the permissions for the new user accounts to access specific objects in the environment. See Provide access control by assigning permissions on objects.


Log out of vRealize Operations Manager, then log in as a system administrator.


In vRealize Operations Manager, click Administration and click Access Control.

The User Accounts tab displays the user account information.


On the toolbar, click the gear icon to import a user.

The Import Users wizard opens.


Import user accounts from an LDAP user database on another machine.


On the Import Users page, from the Import From drop-down menu, select a configured LDAP import source.


In the User Name text box, type the name of the user who has credentials to the LDAP machine and click Next.


(Optional) On the Assign Groups, Roles, and Objects page, in the Groups pane, select a user group to add the user account as a member of the group.


In the Roles pane, select the Dashboards User role to assign permissions to the user account so that the user can access specific areas and perform specific actions.


(Optional) In the Objects pane, select the objects that this user account can access, and click Finish.


Log out of vRealize Operations Manager.


Log in to vRealize Operations Manager as the imported LDAP user.


Verify that the imported LDAP user can access only the dashboards, and cannot access any other features such as alerts or remediation actions.

You imported an LDAP user account from an external LDAP user database on another machine to vRealize Operations Manager, and used your new role to assign specific permissions to the user.

You have finished this scenario.