The Compliance score is a value based on template rules that are run in vRealize Configuration Manager. To improve the score, view the template results and determine how to resolve noncompliant rules for the target objects.

Select the template for which you are evaluating results. For example, see User Scenario: Identify and Resolve Problems Based on Compliance From vRealize Configuration Manager.

If you do not see the name of the object for which you are resolving noncompliant results, correlate the name that appears in vRealize Operations Manager with the name used in vRealize Configuration Manager. See Correlate Compliance Object Names.


On the VMware vRealize Configuration Manager page, click Login.

The selected template results appear in the vRealize Configuration Manager console.


Review the status column to identify the noncompliant rules that require your attention.


Resolve noncompliance results.

Click Help on the template results data grid for more information about the options for resolving non-compliant results.


Collect data from the machine groups and virtual object groups for which you resolved noncompliant results.


Run the vRealize Operations Manager mappings in vRealize Configuration Manager.

When you run the mappings, the templates are run for the objects.


To review the badge scores in vRealize Configuration Manager, click Console and select Dashboard > Virtual Environments > vRealize Operations Manager Compliance Rollup.


Verify the scores to ensure that you resolved all the necessary noncompliant results

In vRealize Operations Manager, review the Compliance badge scores to ensure that your scores are now at acceptable levels. You must allow approximately 5 minutes for vRealize Operations Manager to pull the new scores from vRealize Configuration Manager.