vCloud Automation Center branding remains on the console login page after you upgrade from vCloud Automation Center 6.1 to vRealize Automation 6.2.

You can update your login console to use vRealize Automation branding. Note that this procedure sets default vRealize Automation branding. It does not set customer specific branding.

Complete the upgrade to vRealize Automation 6.2 before you begin this procedure.


Navigate to the vRealize Appliance management console by using its fully qualified domain name,


Log in with the username root and the password you specified when the appliance was deployed.


Click the vRA Settings tab.


Click SSO.


Enter the settings for your SSO Server. These settings must match the settings you entered when you configured your SSO appliance.


Type the fully qualified domain name of the SSO appliance by using the form in the SSO Host text box. Do not use an https:// prefix. For example,


The default port number, 7444, is displayed in the SSO Port text box. Edit this value if you are using a non-default port.


Do not modify the default tenant name, vsphere.local.


Type the default administrator name administrator@vsphere.local in the SSO Admin User text box.


Type the SSO administrator password in the SSO Admin Password text box.


Select Apply Branding.


Click Save Settings.

After a few minutes, a success message appears and the SSO Status is updated to Connected.

The login console uses vRealize Automation branding.