During an upgrade from vRealize Code Stream 1.0 to vRealize Code Stream 1.2, existing endpoints are added to the appliance and the format of release pipeline variables is updated.

vRealize Code Stream retrieves all of the existing Jenkins Server and vRealize Automation Server endpoints from vRealize Orchestrator and adds them as new entries to the page at Administration > Orchestration Configuration > Endpoints.

The updated Jenkins server endpoint name is prefixed with Jenkins_EndpointName and the updated vRealize Automation server endpoint name is prefixed with Vra_EndpointName.

The format of existing release pipeline variable values such as $RP1 and $RP2 are updated to ${pipeline.RP1} and ${pipeline.RP2} during the upgrade.

The format of existing task output variable values such as $CustomScriptName_OUTPUT are updated to ${StageName.TaskName.outputConfig} in the release pipeline during the upgrade.

The format of variable names for manual approval in custom tasks are updated during the upgrade.

Variable Name Values

Pre-upgrade Format

Post-upgrade Format




${stageName }







The format of variable values that are concatenated such as $RP1 with output $CustomScriptName_OUTPUT are updated to ${pipeline.RP1} with output ${StageName.TaskName.outputConfig} during the upgrade.