vRealize Code Stream includes an extensibility framework that supports modular integrations with external systems, without changing the core platform.

Based on the type of external system, different mechanisms are recommended.

Supported Integration with External Systems
vRealize Code Stream and supported integration with external systems

Release pipeline templates support various tasks that can trigger actions in a wide category of systems such as continuous integration, testing frameworks, or defect tracking systems.

You can download vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins from the VMware Solution Exchange. The Artifactory plug-ins are available on the JFrog Web site.

Some integrations are supported natively. Some integrations require downloading an Artifactory or vRealize Orchestrator plug-in. Others require creating custom workflows by using a vRealize Orchestrator plug-in protocol such as HTTP-REST, SOAP, or SSH.

Supported Integrations

System Category

Integration Mechanism

Native Support

Requires Separate Plug-in

Requires Custom Workflows


JFrog Artifactory

Sonatype Nexus


HTTP-browsable repository system


Continuous Integration

vRealize Orchestrator



Atlassian Bamboo using the REST plug-in

JetBrains TeamCity using the REST plug-in

Microsoft Team Foundation Server using the REST plug-in

Provisioning and configuration management

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Automation (single-machine blueprints)

Scripts (BASH or Windows PowerShell)

vCenter Server

VMware vCloud Director

Chef using the REST plug-in

Puppet using the REST plug-in

Testing frameworks

vRealize Orchestrator

Any testing frameworks exposed as Jenkins jobs


Any testing framework that offers a REST or SOAP API

Change management systems

vRealize Orchestrator



HP Service Manager


Any commercial or custom change management system that offers a REST or SOAP API

Defect tracking systems

vRealize Orchestrator



Atlassian JIRA using the REST plug-in

Bugzilla using the REST plug-in