The installation checklist provides a high-level overview of the sequence of tasks you must perform to complete the vRealize Code Stream installation.

Use the checklist to track your work as you complete the installation tasks in the order they are listed.

Installation Tasks



Complete the installation worksheet

Installation Worksheets

Set up your Identity Appliance

Deploy and Configure the Identity Appliance

Configure Single-Sign On for the Identity Appliance

Configure the Identity Appliance

Deploy the vRealize Automation appliance

Deploy the vRealize Appliance

Set up the vRealize Automation appliance

Configure the vRealize Appliance

Complete tasks up to step 12.

Add the vRealize Code Stream license key

Apply a vRealize Code Stream License to an Appliance

Set up the Artifactory Server password

Set Up the Artifactory Server Password

Configure Tenant

Configuring Additional Tenants

Add vRealize Code Stream roles

Assign Roles to Identity Store Users or Groups

Assign the Release Manager, Release Engineer, and Release Dashboard user roles for modeling and publishing a pipeline.

Register the Default Artifactory Server

Register an Artifactory Server for Artifact Management