Use VMware Validated Designs to build a Software-Defined Data Center that is based on management components by VMware, and has a scalable and best-practice configuration.

VMware Validated Designs have the following advantages:

One path to SDDC

After you satisfy the deployment requirements, follow one consistent path to deploy an SDDC.

VMware Validated Designs offer an extensively tested solution path with specific information about product versions, networking architecture, capabilities, and limitations.

SDDC design for use in production

This VMware Validated Design supports an SDDC that has the following features:

High-availability of management components

Backup and restore of management components

Monitoring and alerting

Disaster recovery of management components

Protection of management application by using NSX Distributed Firewall

Validated design and deployment

The prescriptive documentation of a VMware Validated Design is continuously validated by VMware.

Validation provides the following advantages to your organization:

Validated product interoperability

Validated SDDC features, such as custom workload churn, high availability of management components, operational continuity, efficient monitoring, and a design with dual-region support in mind

Reduced risk of deployment and operational problems

Reduced test effort

Fast SDDC standup

By downloading all SDDC products , and following detailed design and step-by-step instructions, you are able to implement a data center without engaging in design work and product research.

Support for latest product releases

Every version of a VMware Validated Design accommodates new product releases. If you have deployed an SDDC according to an earlier version of a VMware Validated Design, you can directly follow the validated design to upgrade your environment.

Foundation of SDDC deployment use cases

This VMware Validated Design provides the foundation for use cases that satisfy the requirements of individual organizations or industry segments, such as VMware Validated Design for Micro-Segmentation and VMware Validated Design for IT Automating IT.