The foundation of vRealize Operations Manager is a single instance of a 3-node analytics cluster that is deployed in the protected region of the SDDC, and a 2-node remote collector cluster in each region. The clusters run on the management pod in each region.

vRealize Operations Manager communicates with all management components in both regions of the SDDC to collect metrics about the operations of the objects that these components handle.

The analytics cluster of the vRealize Operations Manager deployment contains the nodes that analyze and store data from the monitored components. You deploy a configuration of the analytics cluster that satisfies the requirements for monitoring the number of virtual machines according to the design objectives of this VMware Validated Design.

You place the vRealize Operations Manager nodes in several network units for isolation and failover. The networking design also supports public access to the analytics cluster nodes.

You configure a central source for authentication in vRealize Operations Manager such as an Active Directory service. vRealize Operations Manager also authenticates to vCenter Server and can use a local user inventory.

vRealize Operations Manager can monitor itself and displays alerts about issues with its operational state.

The SDDC contains several VMware products for network, storage, and cloud management. You can monitor and perform diagnostics on all of them in vRealize Operations Manager by using management packs.