A well-designed network helps the organization meet its business goals. It prevents unauthorized access, and provides timely access to business data.

This network virtualization design uses vSphere and VMware NSX for vSphere to implement virtual networking.

This VMware Validated Design follows high-level network design guidelines and networking best practices.

Virtual switches simplify the configuration process by providing one single pane of glass view for performing virtual network management tasks.

You can use NIC teaming to increase the network bandwidth available in a network path, and to provide the redundancy that supports higher availability.

When Network I/O Control is enabled, the distributed switch allocates bandwidth for the following system traffic types.

VXLAN provides the capability to create isolated, multi-tenant broadcast domains across data center fabrics, and enables customers to create elastic, logical networks that span physical network boundaries.

Use the vMotion TCP/IP stack to isolate traffic for vMotion and to assign a dedicated default gateway for vMotion traffic.