This Architecture and Design document is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the Architecture and Design document.





The topics Network Transport and Physical Network Design Decisions stated that leaf and a dynamic routing protocol such as OSPF, ISIS, or iBGP connects the leaf switches and spine switches. This has been corrected to use BPG instead of iBGP.

The design decision originally numbered SDDC-VI-VC-024, which stated that "The hosts in each compute cluster are contained within a single rack," has been removed. The numbering of all SDDC-VI-VC design decision IDs following this have been adjusted accordingly. See Compute Cluster Design.

In design decision SDDC-VI-NET-010, the share value for NFS Traffic has been changed from Normal to Low. See Network I/O Control.

In the previous version of this document, some instances of vSAN was incorrectly capitalized as VSAN. The occurrences of this in the text have been corrected, however, there are labels in diagrams which still use VSAN. The diagrams will be corrected at a later time.


Initial release.