The Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the primary consumption portal for the entire Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). Within the SDDC, users use vRealize Automation to author, administer, and consume VM templates and blueprints. 

Cloud Management Platform Conceptual Architecture
Tenants access business groups. The central Cloud Management portal includes blue-prints accessible by administrators. Fabric groups draw from internal virtual resources and external cloud resources.

The Cloud Management Platform consists of the following elements and components.

Elements and Components of the Cloud Management Platform




Cloud administrators. Tenant, group, fabric, infrastructure, service, and other administrators as defined by business policies and organizational structure. 

Cloud (or tenant) users. Users within an organization that can provision virtual machines and directly perform operations on them at the level of the operating system.

Tools and supporting infrastructure

VM templates and blueprints are the building blocks that provide the foundation of the cloud. VM templates are used to author the blueprints that tenants (end users) use to provision their cloud workloads.

Provisioning infrastructure

On-premise and off-premise resources which together form a hybrid cloud.

Internal Virtual Resources. Supported hypervisors and associated management tools.

External Cloud Resources. Supported cloud providers and associated APIs.

Cloud management portal

A portal that provides self-service capabilities for users to administer, provision and manage workloads.

vRealize Automation portal, Admin access. The default root tenant portal URL used to set up and administer tenants and global configuration options.

vRealize Automation portal, Tenant access. Refers to a subtenant and is accessed using with an appended tenant identifier.


A tenant portal might refer to the default tenant portal in some configurations. In this case, the URLs match, and the user interface is contextually controlled by the role-based access control permissions that are assigned to the tenant.