Operations Management is a required element of a software-defined data center. Monitoring operations support in vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight provides capabilities for performance and capacity management of related infrastructure and cloud management components.

Operations Management in the SDDC Layered Architecture

The foundation of vRealize Operations Manager is a single instance of a 3-node analytics cluster that is deployed in the protected region of the SDDC, and a 2-node remote collector cluster in each region. The clusters run on the management pod in each region.

vRealize Log Insight design enables real-time logging for all components that build up the management capabilities of the SDDC in a dual-region setup.

Design data protection of the management components in your environment to ensure continuous operation of the SDDC if the data of a management application is damaged.

To support disaster recovery (DR) in the SDDC, you protect vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Automation by using vCenter Site Recovery Manager and VMware vSphere Replication. When failing over to a recovery region, these management applications continue the delivery of operations management, and cloud platform management functionality.

vSphere Update Manager pairs with vCenter Server to enable patch and version management of ESXi hosts and virtual machines.