The Cloud Management Platform elements include software and physical components providing portal-based functionality and service catalog, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components to model and provision virtualized workloads, and orchestration engine.

Cloud Management Platform Elements



vRealize Automation virtual appliance

vRealize Automation Portal Web/Application Server

vRealize Automation PostgreSQL Database

vRealize Automation service catalog

VMware Identity Manager

vRealize Automation IaaS components

vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server

vRealize Automation IaaS Manager Services

Distributed execution components

vRealize Automation Distributed Execution Managers.



Integration components

vRealize Automation Agent machines

vRealize Orchestrator components

vRealize Orchestrator virtual appliances

Provisioning infrastructure

vSphere environment

Other supported physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

Costing components

vRealize Business for Cloud Standard server

vRealize Business for Cloud Standard data collector

Supporting infrastructure

Microsoft SQL database environment

Active Directory environment