You deploy and configure vSphere Replication to enable replication of critical virtual machine data from Region A to Region B for failover by using Site Recovery Manager in the cases of disaster or planned migration.


To be able to deploy the two vSphere Replication virtual appliances, one in the protected region, and one in the recovery region, your environment must satisfy certain hardware and software requirements.


Assign vCenter Single Sign-On administrative, global permissions to the operations service account svc-vr so that you can manage and configure virtual machine replication for disaster recovery operations between the management vCenter Server instances by using vSphere Replication.


Deploy vSphere Replication in Region to enable replication of virtual machines from Region A.


After you deploy vSphere Replication in Region A, deploy it in Region B to complete the support for replication of virtual machines between the two regions.


To use vSphere Replication between Region A and Region B, you must configure a connection between the two vSphere Replication appliances because each region is managed by a different vCenter Server instance.


vSphere Replication can consume a lot of bandwidth during initial replication, and when virtual machines are added or destroyed.