You deploy VMware Site Recovery to enable fail over of management applications from Region A to Region B in the cases of disaster or planned migration.


To be able to install two VMware Site Recovery Manager instances, one in the protected site (Region A), and one in the recovery site (Region B), in each region you must provide a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine that has a certain configuration.


Assign vCenter Single Sign-On administrative global permissions to the operations service account svc-srm so that you can manage, pair and perform orchestrated disaster recovery operations between the management vCenter Server instances by using Site Recovery Manager. 


Deploy the first VMware Site Recovery Manager instance.


In Region B, deploy the second VMware Site Recovery Manager instance.


After both VMware Site Recovery Manager Instances are deployed, assign the appropriate licensing and, using the svc-srm service account, pair the Region A and Region B instances and configure the mappings between them to support disaster recovery.